Cannons, a hip indie-electro band from Los Angeles, released their newest album Shadows on July 12th of this year. The band found one another in 2013, when childhood friends Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis met Michelle Joy. The two grew up on the same street in Los Angeles, and had been trying to start a band for years, but nothing quite clicked until their paths crossed Michelle’s. Fans quickly latched on to their unique sound, coming up with refined names such as “nudisco”, “future boogie”, and “chill-wave/indie pop” for the band’s genre. Now, the trio has blessed our ears once more with their latest album filled with a unique blend of 70’s R&B grooves and 80’s electro-funk.

The band consists of lead singer Michelle Joy, Lead Guitarist Ryan Clapham, and Paul Davis on drums and keys, creating their own unique sound of organic and electronic sounds. Michelle’s effortless vocals blends perfectly with Ryan’s old school, Memphis style R&B chord progressions and Paul’s densely layered productions.

Their album Shadows consists of 7 tracks, all of which have a beautifully relaxed, go-with-the-flow vibe. Slide into the album with the first song called “Baby”, the perfect driving tune. The second song in the album is titled “Fire for You”, sparking disco fever. Cannons brings their cool vibes and sweet sounds with their third song called “Talk Talk”. Add the fourth song, “Love Chained”, to your feels playlist! The passionate lyrics, along with the sweet, soft vocals will get you feeling some type of way. The fifth song named “Bright lights” is loved, especially for its pre-chorus. The beat will have you swaying side to side. Experience electro-pop at its finest with the sixth song named after the album. The seventh song titled “Love on the Ground” is a great rhythm to end off a superb album!

Sexy, dreamy, drenched-in-melody grooves, Cannons has one mission… to keep you dancing all night long!

Discography Timeline

Shadows (2019)
cannons shadows album cover
Night Drive (2017)
cannons night drive album cover
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