“On this shoot it was Brontë and I’s 4th time working together, so we already had good chemistry and didn’tneed much of a warm up. Brontë is very eager and shows a lot of passion when it comes to modeling. She is very easy to work it, it shows through her silly personality on set which is always a plus.  The concept of this shoot came from both of us wanting to do something that had more of a mood to it,sexy and not raunchy. We both love black and white images so we chose to go that route. I actually discovered Brontë at a local swimwear competition here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was very sure she had a lot of potential. We have about 3-4 shoots lined up for this year. Each one will be different from the other. My plans are to find more locations to shoot and go from there. “

– Francois Joseph

“Working on this shoot/concept with Francois was great timing because I took a little short break and this helped me get going again. He encourages me to become a better model with his coaching and directing. As far as concept, we had already shot a few times before and wanted to shoot something more on the sexy side but simple. We both set the mood with the clothing and lingerie I brought to make it more moving. The connection produced the images you see from the set. In August of 2016, I participated in a bikini contest for WRV (Wave Riding Vehicles). He saw me on stage and then reached out to me about shooting. What I have planned for myself is to become a published model to keep striving to be better at my craft.”

Brontë Keznor


– Canon 5D Mark III

– 24-105mm lens

– Natural light

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