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Begin your week in a state of serenity by listening to the gentle sounds of Benjamin Stevie on his latest release “Honeycola“. The new single from the Edmonton, Alberta native who now resides in Toronto, will have you hooked with its sultry production and soothing vocals which provide for a relaxing listen. For Honeycola he teamed up with BADBADNOTGOOD’s own Matthew Tavares. Since Ben’s last release of his amazing EP Dirty Laundry in 2014, which we LOVED, he has been relatively quiet, so we are stoked to hear from him.

We’re big fans and are eagerly anticipating Stevie’s debut LP Cara Cara via Culvert Music which is set to be available in September. Give Honeycola a listen while cruising on the freeway out in the sunshine. You do not want to sleep on this talent!

The song is about a muse, a near mythical creature who is at once alluring yet terrifying. She embodies truth and beauty and forces you to realize that you cannot hold on to either…you allow it to pass through or lose it altogether.

Benjamin Stevie

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Discography Timeline

Dirty Laundry EP (2014)
ben stevenson dirty laundry ep
Cara Cara (Available Sept. 2017)
benjamin stevie cara cara lp
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