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Aria Hennessy has found considerable success as a songwriter and solo artist alike. The journey began in perfect tradition. Aria learned the ropes from producers who were working with Whitney Houston, Kanye West, and Jeremih. After a short while, Hennessy started offering her writing talents to a variety of pop stars. Despite that, the most exciting achievement was amassing over 300,000 streams accumulated from multiple music streaming services on her 2016 single “Where Did The Love Go”.

Aria Hennessy’s newest work extends that trend with an upbeat, Pop and R&B infused gem titled “Soul In Your Pocket”. On the single, Hennessy’s songwriting skills are on display as her smooth vocals soulfully serve a lyrical balance of love and lust which is accompanied by summery pop production.

There’s more music from Hennessy on the horizon, however, give “Soul In Your Pocket” a listen to discover a new gem.

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