“Working with Amy is always an adventure. She is such an incredible person; The girl that can slum it at home in comfy sweats and a tee surrounded by animals, but then slap on some makeup and crazy wardrobe and be this unbelievably sexy steampunk, bombshell vixen of sexy fortitude. She’s an absolute dream to shoot, every single time. This shoot was just one of many looks we shot that day in Arizona, and was actually our ‘warm up.’ Amy and I met years ago in Florida when a photographer brought both of us out to model at the same workshop. Since then we have kept in contact and every time we are withing 100 miles of each other, we try to make some magical photographing happen. Amy and I have an unlimited amount of shoots planned with each other. The world has only seen the very first of many, many sets from us.”

– Shantia Romine

“Working with Shantia is always an incredible experience for me, when we shoot it’s never just a job, it’s an adventure with a fellow artist who not only sees my vision, but has her own incredible vision that never disappoints me. When I shoot with her it’s a day with my friend. When we shoot, we always start by selecting gorgeous outdoor locations where we can shoot safely. I am fortunate to work with Shantia, who is not only a talented artist, she’s an avid hiker who finds incredibly gorgeous spots. Based on where we are going, I select wardrobe to truly compliment the space, and Shantia gets final pick of which ones we shoot. For this one I provided the top, and after selecting it she provided the bottoms from her own closet. I first met Shantia years ago when we modeled at the same photography workshop. After following her modeling work, I became aware of her incredible skill on the other side of the lens, and reached out to her to shoot. My first shoot with her was magical, and I’ve been in love with her work ever since. There is SO much I want to shoot with Shantia that we haven’t shot yet, I hope to be creating art with her for a long long time.”

Amy Wilder


– Canon 5D Mark II

– Canon 70-200mm lens

– Natural lighting

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