“Alyse was a ton of fun to work with. Very open, adaptable, and curious. She’s just one of those beautiful, sunny energy kinds of people who is also a true artist by nature and loves giving all of herself to that art. Such a joy to my photographer eye with her natural and gifted dancer lines. For me, I always begin with a simple plan to allow room for whatever natural forces emerge during a shoot. So the concept was simple. A dancer in an open, natural setting. Bring an old wooden chair and let her use is as a prop along with her dance postures. Use the natural light and atmosphere to give it its own special mood. Voila. I met Aly when she styled a mutual friend I was shooting, also a dancer. She was so lovely, easy to be around. I love to work with dancers so naturally I asked if she would like to do her own shoot and she was super excited about it and planned some amazing wardrobe for us to work with using my suggestions. It all came together with a sense of ease and abundance. Aly and I have discussed another shoot, ideally indoors focusing on soft natural light filtering across hardwood floors or a bed, something gauzy and romantic, a little more intimate than the epic scale of the outdoor shoot. We live quite a little ways from each so it hasn’t happened yet, but it will happen when the time is right!”

Scott David Burgess

“This was my first photoshoot ever. I was nervous but Scott made me feel instantly comfortable as he naturally created a relaxed environment with his positive and creative energy. He offered direction but gave me space to be free and explore what I felt in the moment. We shared a lot of laughs and expressed mutual admiration…it was a very fun shoot! All we knew going into this shoot was that the reservoir would look awesome after sunset….and we had a chair. The rest was a combo of my exploration and Scott’s magic. I came on set to assist a friend while she worked with Scott and at the end of the shoot he asked me if I would be interested in shooting with him myself. We came up with a few concepts and set a date not too long after. I am a dancer always looking to collaborate and create. I love all things having to do with the body and would love to experiment more with blending dance and photography.”

Alyse Romano


– Sony A7rii

– Zeiss 55mm/f 1.8

– Zeiss 16-35 mm/f 4

– Natural light

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