“Alondra and I met through Instagram; she’s not a model but someone who enjoys creating images. I saw her photo on another feed and I shot a message and ask if she’d be interesting in shooting few rolls of film. Unfortunately the shoot was in mid day and it was HOT! But Alondra was a trooper and we decided to shoot on a rooftop in Center City. The shoot was a lot of fun. She and I kicked it off and shared some laughs as we shot both black and white and a roll of color film. The concept was pretty laid back. I shared a few images with her so she could see the mood I was going for; we kept it simple. As a film photographer prefer to work in natural light and keeping things pretty simple.

Alondra is actually moving back west to California in a few weeks; bigger and better things are awaiting her. As for me, I’m working on several projects, starting to dabble into some fashion related work which is different for me. And getting my website up is a priority. But life is good, shooting film everyday and perfecting my craft as best I can.

This shoot was captured on Kodak Film. I shoot with mostly medium format film and some 35mm as well. This was shot on a vintage Pentax 67 and Kodak Ekatr and 400tx”

– Ramon Jamar

“Working with Ramon was pretty great! He made me feel really comfortable at all times and was hilarious. The theme was a more casual but still “sexy” kind of look. He found me on a different photographers page and we decided it would be a great idea to work together. I hope Ramon continues to be the amazing photographer that he is and progresses further :). As for me, I will continue studying in school and hopefully one day create a career for myself that I will love”

– Alondra Vilella

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