“Working with Alex was very easy and very chill, she’s honestly one of my favorite models and friends to work with because we get along so well. Every time me and Alex link up, I know I’m going to have a good time. The energy she brings to the set is very free, goofy, and exciting. Shes always sets tone right with her calm aura, which allows for me to become very comfortable shooting her.

Since we both like to create art I wanted to bring her out of her shell a little bit with this shoot, when I was creating the mood board for this shoot I knew right away she would be the perfect muse for this set, no one else but her can pull this off better than she can. She also has a very beautiful and interesting diverse mix that gives her a unique look to most people would be hard to identify, which also creates a mystique that makes people want to know more about. The mood, feeling and expressions she gives off in most of these photos is like: “I’m very sweet, but I’l kill if you try to fuck with me look”, which is very sexy & extremely intriguing to gaze at with the naked eye in my opinion.

I wanted her to use a little bit of make up with this shoot because I felt less was more for her. She has these freckles on her face that I really felt really stood out about her so I wanted to show that more for certain portrait head shots.

The best thing about shooting her is that she trusts my vision and allowed me to be myself, do me, and go with my flow. And for me, I’ll admit I can be socially awkward sometimes. I wont know what to say or I can’t really articulate my thoughts properly around people that I’m not comfortable with, but with her free spirit and her silly humor she definitely made me enjoyed being around her. It’s not often you come across people that would be down 100% for your idea. They always want to switch something up and do something that has been done repetitively already or very uninspiring. Me and her always want to try something different.

Me and Alex don’t live too far away from each other, we actually live 15-20 mins from each other which is very convenient for us to link up and shoot whenever. This was also not the first time me and Alex did a shoot. This was actually our 3rd time shooting with each other. For the Caribbean idea it wasn’t hard to do considering there was this beautiful forest area across the street from my house. And after seeing that, I definitely want to take advantage of it.

Since the last couple of shoots we already have a very dope bad-ass duo shoot with her friend Nicole. I feel this shoot is going to be the most exciting shoot I will ever do since both of them of free, crazy and wild together lol. I can already imagine how its going to look, and I see nothing but fire!”

Sean Diamond

“This shoot was my favourite of many shoots with Sean. I always feel very successful at creating the shoots that we work on together. We both have a passion for art and visuals, and so we easily create great work together. The experience, as always, was fun, respectful and comfortable. Most of all the shoot was free. As always Sean is great at making the model feel comfortable, and as though you two are just homies chilling and creating art. It is a great thing to work with someone that commits to achieving the best they can and commits to letting the model be themselves. I look forward to more shoots in the future, and creating more art.

We came up with the concept over a simple idea of a Caribbean vibe look. As we talked more about the concept, Sean mentioned that my background is so mixed, that no one could really tell what I am correctly at first glance. Since I was younger, no one could ever tell my background because of my diverse mix. My background is Guyanese, Portuguese, Indian, Italian and Scottish. Many people complimented me over this, and some have had negative comments for it. Either way I decided to take pride in my mix of cultures, my look, my ethnicity, style and myself. This mix created a type of mystery to the shoot so that’s why many pictures were made to look mysterious and dream like. The shoot was based on a no-makeup, natural wet hair, and oiled up skin look. This concept was why I agreed to the shoot; because it made me take a chance at showing the natural true me and loving myself for it all. This shoot gave me happiness because it really made me feel true self-acceptance and boosted my self-esteem. I was also proud to do a shoot that was more free and gracefully natural rather than provocative and misleading. I find there is a growing amount of photographers posting pictures of just purely provocative shoots, and it’s such a shame at the lack of true emotion and storyline in art anymore. And to me, art that lacks emotion, or a claim, or a story, is not true art at all. For that reason, I am happy to be someone trying to push emotion and passion back into the art of modelling and photography, as well as upholding the notion of self-love and self-respect.

Sean and I don’t live too far from each other. He lives just around 20 minutes from me, so after having had worked with him before and trusting him, I was super down for a shoot in this nice forested area near his house. This scene set the tone for a tropical shoot perfect for our Caribbean vibe idea.

Since this shoot we have actually already worked on another together. We will be both sharing those as soon as possible, but the only hint I can give is that it is a fall theme. Since then I have been super busy with university and part-time work on the side, but I can’t wait to do our next shoot with my friend included. I am super excited for this next one that, it could turn out my favorite EVER.”

Alexandria Findlay

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