“Working with Alexandra was absolutely a fantastic time. It was a quick test shoot that turned into a great few hours of superb shooting. Alexandra by far has an astounding amount of drive and passion mixed in with a excellent attitude. With every shoot, I always aim to create the best vibes for the model and I, but with Alexandra it was only easier because the great mix of positive energy and creativity bouncing of each other so perfectly. When you have the opportunity to work with someone as talented as Alexandra, no matter what, it’s going result in something awesome to share with the world. The theme for this shoot kind of stemmed from her closet where she picked out something we thought would bring the idea across of being both enticing and playful. I’d say in today’s world almost 85 % of networking and connections is made through social media, and getting together with the wonderful Alexandra was done through exactly that. For my future I simply want to continue growing in photography, traveling the world meeting new people, and help bring to life the visions of different companies and brands; with the thing I’m most passionate about. Life’s simple to me, just figure out what you love and pursue it no matter what.”

– Michael Forman

“My experience working with Michael was a positive one. Michael had great energy going into the shoot and we both were able to come up with some cool ideas. We both were open to different concepts and tried different things. It was a very easy to work with him and we plan to shoot again in the future. He had sent me some inspo of a sporty, laid back kind of vibe. We chose to go with a red cut off jersey shirt and some white striped socks and did some bedroom shots. Michael contacted me through social media and sent me some of his work and I really liked it. Our pictures came out awesome and I’m glad we were able to collaborate. Moving forwad, I am continuing to do modeling, music videos and commercial acting and network with photographers like Michael!”

– Alexandra Young


– Canon 6D

– Canon 50mm f/1.8

– Natural Lighting

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