“Shooting with Alexandra aka Xan (Zan) is a fun experience altogether. We’ve worked with each other a few times and our creative energies gel well together. This look in particular was all Xan, I just made sure to capture all the dopeness that is her. Prior to shooting we planned to shoot at an abandoned gas station, that when we arrived, was no longer abandoned! So we had to think quick and find another location all on foot and all in the late summer so it was super hot! We lucked up on the spot we found to shoot and I think the adventures we have make for great chemistry moving forward.”

– Cam Perry

“Cam is one of my favorites to work with in Atlanta because he goes with the flow & creates a moment in the moment. We vibe easily so taking pictures instantly becomes fun. I pretty much brought a variety of wardrobe I had picked out and we drove somewhere to shoot. We usually have a location in mind but don’t plan too much. It is more spur of the moment. We’ve been shooting together for months now and I believe we met through IG.  I also act, which is my main focus. But one of my goals in modeling is to be published in Vogue. Preferably featured on the front page.”

– Alexandra Preston

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