The model in place. The mood intense. Lighting is visceral. The stage is set. Alex Barredo takes aim and directs the light into his lens. Once that perfect moment in time sets its sights on his, he reacts. A gentle click and the moment is forever captured. Immortalized with all the right components in place, Alex continues to fire away. Adjusting the space to conform with the model, the mood, and the sexuality. With a team behind him, he moves slowly and shoots steady. Before the moment is over, he adjusts one more time in order to squeeze out everything possible from the scene before it’s gone forever. He can now breathe.

A photographer for 8 years and working with us for 3, he has photographed a host of models and personalities for Just BREEZE Magazine. His talent for capturing beauty in its most artistic form has been a talent we have been grateful to witnessed. His eye for lighting has been unique and diverse, accommodating to any location we have been on. From an 8 hour drive to Canada’s largest sand dune, to the most extravagant vintage hotels, Alex has been dynamic with bringing the most out of any situation and any model. His eye for turning the mundane into interesting can transform any shoot into a special one. His art transcends genres. It blurs the lines between glamour, fashion, and art and often asks more from its audience. It asks for a second thought, a second meaning behind it all. Due to that we find ourselves always planning ahead for the next epic shoot with Alex Barredo.

His upcoming projects have a wide range of specialties. He’s currently working as studio head for BLK LBL, an online retailer for high end designer brands such as Givenchy, Prada, and Saint Laurent. His architectural work has found him in some of the most expensive custom design homes and penthouses in the city for some of the biggest developers and real estate agents in the city. His commercial work with numerous brands have landed him advertisements all over Vancouver and he’s barely even started. His 2019 campaign is just over the horizon and Alex promises us it won’t be nice. He says it’s gonna be “War with everyone.” Alex Barredo believes that “In the game of business there are no friends but your clients and the bank teller.”

Only the future will tell what project Just BREEZE and Alex Barredo will do next. We’re guessing it’s gonna be fierce, it’s gonna be controversial, it’s gonna be exactly how they have been doing it.

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