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Rising artist Adrian Marcel meets you right in the middle of R&B and hip hop, with his newest album 98th. With his vocals on lock, Marcel gets listeners all in their feels, with an amorous lay-your-girl-down type of vibe. He gives listeners a smooth, heartfelt beat to rock to, relating his sound to that of butter. Regardless of its state, it can either be soft with a hard side to it, or hard with a soft side to it. His music, known for love and lust, can either melt you or put you in a solid state. Marcel strongly believes singing and song-writing is something put into his life from God, stating “it’s like a destiny type thing.” He recalls that all his biggest and best memories are always connected to music.

Starting from the young age of seven, his mother could tell that Marcel had a real passion for singing, and was confident in what he wanted to do. She signed him up for piano and music classes, where young Marcel got inspired by his teacher, who had an immense collection of trophies and plaques. He started realizing his true passion for creating music in 9th grade, when he attended Oakland School for the Arts. Being in an environment surrounded by other talent really fueled Marcel’s hunger for success in the music industry.

Marcel’s music is strongly influenced by old school singers Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, and of course, current singer Raphael Saadiq, who took Marcel in as his protégé. Beloved internationally, Marcel has captivated audiences with his stage presence, having toured with Ginuwine, Keyshia Cole, and The Dream. Marcel says touring with his role models such as The Dream really set the bar for him and his future. In 2018, he has performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

With the title of his newest album paying homage to his hometown, 98th shows Marcel’s growth as an artist, while maintaining his identity and background. The East Oakland native embraces change with open arms, as exemplified by the smooth, lush soundbites woven throughout the track list. Marcel also reconnects with fellow singer/songwriter Jane Handcock to pen the majority of the album’s tracks, keeping close ties with his cultural roots. The music within this album is organic and genuine. Marcel remains fearless and passionate with his music career, venturing into the production of 98th as the project’s Executive Producer. Confident in his worth and talent, Marcel took a big step in his career, becoming fully independent by forming his very own record label, “Third Voice Music Group.”

With 98th, Marcel will have people worldwide grooving and moving side to side. Catch more of Adrian Marcel in his acting debut in the DeBarge Story airing on TV One, June 29th!

Everything I’ve ever been through, or things I remember coming up, my biggest and best memories are always having to do with music and me singing – anything to do with entertainment.

– Adrian Marcel

Discography Timeline

98th (2019)
adrian marcel 98th cover
#GMFU – Got Me F%^&ed Up (2017)
adrian marcel #gmfu cover
Weak After Next Reloaded Mixtape (2015)
adrian marcel Weak-After-Next-2-Reloaded
Weak After Next (2014)
adrian marcel Weak-After-Next
7 Days of Weak Mixtape (2014)
adrian marcel - 7 days of week
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