You might have heard some of his music before in our Moody Monday playlists. He’s back! Indie sensation Aaron Taos electrifies once again! This time with a hot new song titled “Bloom”. Some of you may be able to relate to the theme of the song. Aaron talks about a flame he has for his friend’s sister and the complications that proceed. With the blend of the sounds of the guitar and synths, you can’t help but bob your head to it. You get a feel-good vibe hearing it which is perfect timing for summer.

Already having been on tour earlier this year, Aaron released his sophomore album back on March 3rd. He’s already back with a new hit song. Taos has even filmed a music video for it. Now that is what you call work ethic. This is great news for fans like us who love anything Taos has attached his name to. Enjoy “Bloom” as we anxiously await even more new material. Stay tuned!

Bloom’ is a track about me having a crush on my friend’s sister. It’s got the whole forbidden fruit vibe where we both have feelings for each other but are unable to act on them given the context. The song is my confession about this underlying tension and making the case to this person that we should give in to our feelings. It’s the fantasy of letting our love blossom – a natural progression like the spring flowers in bloom.

Aaron Taos

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